XForms: idle_callback revisited

Emilio Grimaldo (emilio@irdeto.nl)
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:37:34 +0200

To subscribers of the xforms list from Emilio Grimaldo <emilio@irdeto.nl> :

Hi *,
I was experimenting with the Idle Callback feature as
explained previously in this list. This is what I did:

* Set idle callback with fl_set_idle_callback() [or something similar]
* Initialized my 'state' information.

The idle callback is implemented then as a state machine, first state
checks for data present if so it performs a state transition. In
the next state (data present) it reads the data (from a socket)
and returns to the initial state.

So far so good, what happens is... The same executable has two
behaviours (client or server), from the 'client' GUI I send a
message, but somehow it is not received until I focus on the
server GUI! It seems to me that the idle callback isn't called
until the application/GUI has mouse focus and this is not what
I expected (or want)...

Even funnier is... if I send several messages from the demo client,
WITHOUT focusing on the server GUI then when I finally focus on
the `server' gui I get the first only, then I have to click on it
another time to get the 2nd message, then another click for the
3rd and so on... strange isn't it? or am I misinterpreting
something? well, has been interesting experiment so far but..


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