Re: XForms: segfault

Steve Lamont (
Wed, 13 Aug 97 06:41:57 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I just got a segmentation fault using (XFMail and) v0.87.1 on Solaris, which
> seems XForms related. Don't know, if the backtrace is of any use, but anyway,
> here it is:
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0xef6f3d40 in do_keyboard ()
> (gdb) bt
> #0 0xef6f3d40 in do_keyboard ()
> [...]

I had this same problem in both 0.87 and 0.87.1. It seems to be
non-deterministic (it happens randomly). I had to fall back to
0.86.1. :-(

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