Re: XForms: Printing of xyplots?

Robert Williams (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 14:21:31 -0400

To subscribers of the xforms list from Robert Williams <> :

Steve Lamont wrote:
> > PGPlot. The two problems: 1. it's Fortran with a C wrapper.

(not really a problem...I'm mostly a Fortran programmer.)

> > 2. It supports only the Hershey fonts (better than nothing).
> Where does it live? Is there a web page or FTP site?

Let's online manual is at

"The UNIX and VMS version of PGPLOT,
including limited support for DOS,
is available by anonymous ftp
from (
in directory /pub/pgplot. "

astro was pingable today, but I couldn't
get an ncftp connection...Here we go, at the gatekeeper site:


Bob Williams,
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