XForms: fl_adjust_form_size()

Mark Edward Johnston (M.E.Johnston@damtp.cam.ac.uk)
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 19:49:56 +0100 (BST)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Mark Edward Johnston <M.E.Johnston@damtp.cam.ac.uk> :

I tried to distibute a preliminary version of a program I'm
working on, and the end user encountered the "if the input object is too
small the text doesn't get shown at all" problem, discussed earlier on
this list.

It seemed the function fl_adjust_form_size() might help, so
I downloaded 0.86, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I try
after creating the fd_dsbase form, but still I can't see the
text in the input objects. Resizing with the mouse makes it visible.

Is this function supposed to adjust for the text inside inputs ?
In the manual it says it is based upon labels, but my inputs use
the same fonts for label and text, so I thought if the label fits, the
text should fit. Maybe that's not the case, as there is a border around
the actual text entry part of the object, which might give the text a few
fewer pixels than the label ???

Also, in the manual (online at least) it says:
double fl_adjust_form_size(FL_FORM *form, int xm, int vm)

while in forms.h (0.86):
extern double fl_adjust_form_size(FL_FORM *);

Am I doing this right ? Is the function supposed to work for inputs ?

More generally, this all-or-nothing clipping seems problematic.
If it's a pain to change, OK, but if it's not too hard, it might be
worthwhile putting it on the to-do list, as if end users see text which
doesn't fit, they know to make the form bigger, but if they see nothing,
they think the program is not working.
Of course we could all design our forms better, but when the problem is
server/monitor/OS/XForms-version dependent, it can be hard to know one
has a problem.

Anyone have any tips on coping with this problem ?

Mark J.

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