XForms: ANNOUNCEMENT: The (free) Xforms Calculator goes PROGRAMMABLE!

Martin Bartlett (martin@nitram.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 10:14:39 +0000 (GMT)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Martin Bartlett <martin@nitram.demon.co.uk> :


ANNOUNCING the 3.1 testing release of the XFORMS CALCULATOR. I WAS going
to say the following about it:

. You can execute perl scripts in a computation
. You can add constants to a new 'Constants' menu
. It looks a bit better
. It has some more short-cuts.

But my Marketing Director saw that and nearly feinted. This is what HE
wants me to say:

. STARTLING NEW TECHNOLOGY allows the execution of perl scripts as
part of a computation - YES the calculator is now INFINITELY
<well, yes, to a degree - but startling??? infinitely???>

. AMAZING increases in productivity acheived with the addition of
a user-amendable menu of physical and mathematical constants -
YES the calculator is now CUSTOMIZABLE!!!
<oh cummON - you can change ONE menu!!! Thats hardly
CUSTOMIZABLE!! And productivity??? Only if you need to
type in Pi a million times a day!!>.

. FANTASTIC new look and feel
<er, it looks a bit better>

. INCREDIBLE usability enhancements
<um, there are some more shortcuts>

Ooooo I hate marketing hype!!! Anyway, in addition, the recent 3.0 testing
release added:

. Comprehensive Copy and Paste
. 32-bit binary number manipulation
. POSSIBLY 64-bit Hex number manipulation on 64-bit architectures

It is available from:


I think it is stable, but PLEASE pick up this version AND TEST IT
FOR ME to prove me right - or, er, wrong!!

_/ _/_/_/_/
_/_/ _/_/ _/
_/ _/_/ _/_/_/_/ Martin John Bartlett
_/ _/ _/ _/ (martin@nitram.demon.co.uk)
_/ _/_/_/_/
_/ _/

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