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Robert S. Mallozzi (
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 15:11:41 -0500 (CDT)

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On 1 Sep, Danny Uy wrote:
> To subscribers of the xforms list from Danny Uy <> :
> I don't think you'd need to check the number of chars in the line. Simply
> check for the return value of fl_get_string_width(). A greater number of
> characters does not necessarily mean a longer string width.

Of course you are right, one should check only the string width with
fl_get_string_width(), as two lines could have the same number of
characters yet differ in pixel width. That is what I get for writing
code at midnight :-)

However, in the test case I posted, this will not matter; the text is
still clipped. Also, looking over the code, I see that there seems to
be no way to set the size of the text area of a browser. You can only
set the whole width, including the scrollbar, but you do not know the
width of the scrollbar unless you set it explicitly. As stated in the
manual, the default size of the scrollbar is based on the initial size
of the browser.

So, in addition to fl_get_browser_dimension(), we need either
fl_get_scrollbar_dimension(), or fl_set_browser_dimension() ??
Or is there a way to set the browser width now, w/out knowing the
scrollbar size?


Dr. Robert S. Mallozzi
University of Alabama in Huntsville

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