XForms: Announcement: New XForms-based Newton connectivity tool

Marisa Giancarla (marisa@andromedia.com)
Tue, 2 Sep 1997 11:19:40 -0700 (PDT)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Marisa Giancarla <marisa@andromedia.com> :

Hi, along with the GUI front-end to my Imperium game (which I
could use people helping me test, btw) I am now announcing an
XForms-based Newton connectivity tool, along the lines of "newtl" and
"newtonlink". Why another? Well "newtl" doesn't have a GUI of it's
own, and the "xnewtl" GUI is somewhat incomplete to my
tastes. Additionally it is in C++ and does not seem to want to work
for me (either on Linux or Solaris). Additionally, it is lacking some
of the functionality that I want (ability to send FAXes from the
outbox, ability to remove items from the outbox soup).
"newtonlink" can do these things but is written in Perl and so
can't talk directly to the serial port and depends on external
programs such as "stty" to do things, as well as needs a proprietary
tool for it's GUI. Additionally, it too does things in ways I don't
want... Lastly, it is very biased towards NOS 2.x, which I don't have
and can't upgrade to, and so can't do some of the things for me that
"newtl" was supposed to be able to do.

So now I am working on "XFnewt", a fully GPLed, written in
ANSI C, no-external-program-using (except for things like "sendmail",
of course), NOS 1.x intended (with an eye towards upward
compatibility) connection program that will let you dump all (except
beams, or course) your outbox entries to a Unix machine and have them
sent as emails, print jobs, or faxes, as well as being able to
import/export names, dates, and to-do items while also uploading files
and installing packages.

I'll post a web page address when I have some screen shots
ready, and if anyone has some good C-based example code of opening the
serial port (has to be GPLed, of course) instead of what I am using I
would be most apreciative...

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