Re: XForms: KeyCodes in XForms

Orn E. Hansen (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 19:25:37 +0200 (CET DST)

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=DEann 09-Sep-97 Frank Stefani skrifar:
> In your main() ore more precisely before fl_do_forms, try:
> fl_register_raw_callback(fd_my_frm->my_frm, KeyPressMask, xevhandler)=
> and create the appropriate XEvent handler function:
> int xevhandler(FL_FORM *form, void *xev)
> {
> } /* switch xev-type */
> } /* xevhandler */

The problem with this solution, is that it isn't really portable betwee=
platforms. As on some platforms, the problem doesn't exist, while on
others (like Linux) the problem is really bad.

What is neater, is the identity of the basic X widget class that handle=
the basic key functions (Athena widgets, or others), so that the translat=
table within this widget can be changed. As the problem isn't really wit=
XForms (unless it determinantly deletes the correct translations :-), but
with the underlying X widget class, that isn't performing its function.


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