XForms: Control App for Kenwood Ham transceiver

Jeff Pierce (piercej@preferred.com)
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 13:26:28 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from Jeff Pierce <piercej@preferred.com> :

Kenwood TS-140/440/940 amateur radio transciever control program for
Linux (Unix) systems is available from:


This program utilizes the xforms library that is available for many
different Unicies including Linux, FreeBSD386, Solaris, etc. Xforms is
available from:


I am distrbuting linux binary form and SOURCE code so it can recompiled
for your flavor of Unix. It only requires the above xforms library.

My program presents the user with a reaonable likeness of a Kenwood
radio faceplate complete with frequency display, vfo selection, mode
selection, split operation and RIT control. Limited radio memory usage
is in this version.

Checkout my above homepage for a complete fucntionality listing and a
graphic of the front panel controls.

It has only been tested on a TS-140 as that is what I have. However, it
should work with the 140 & 940 as their copmputer commands are a
superset of the 140.

Check it out.

Jeff Pierce, wd4nmq
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