Re: XForms: Enhancement Request?

Marco Haverkate (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 14:32:48 METDST

To subscribers of the xforms list from Marco Haverkate <> :

> I think the clock dialog could be usefully enhanced. I would suggest it
> should support the following:
> 1) current time
> 2) current time different timezone

Now there's a problem: On different OS's, Timezones have diferent names.
E.g MET (Middle European Time, like France, Spain), is called NFT (Norway France
Time) oon AIX. (IBM)

> 3) time initialized to an arbitrary given time (e.g session timer).
> 3) a fixed time (i.e. no ticking). (e.g. displaying appointments etc).

Looks cool.

> Dick

Sorry boy.

Marco B. J. Haverkate, Xirion B.V. De Meern tel: 030-6661990
Natuurlijk wonen er ook normale mensen in Almelo,
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