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Arole Sundeep (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 14:39:59 -0400

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> Hi,
> In my use of a library like xforms, I've bounced my stupid head against
> one wall, which I think would be a real feature if it was torn down. The
> graphical user interface, or GUI, is functionally the main loop of every
> program. However, I have a case where I would like this to be turned
> around. A program, where the main loop is a communications between two
> or more computers, that rarely needs a human interaction. But that it
> would be a feature, to be able to put up a small window where the user
> could click on a button, when (s)he decides that an interaction with the
> programs main loop is necessary.
> I therefore ask, isn't it possible to make the event interaction
> between the program and the library an Interrupt driven routine? The way
> I see it, is that the main loop of a program is only interrupted in case of
> a real event, like keyboard or mouse event that is actually occurring
> inside a form. While the main program continues to run, until interrupted.
> How about it, would this be possible to implement in the library?

It would seem to make more sense to implement this feature manually, using
perhaps two processes and some form of IPC. One process runs as the main
program which handles the communication loop, and another process which
manages the GUI (small window). When an event occurs the GUI process can
interrupt the main program loop using IPC and a known protocol and pass along
the necessary event information to the main loop.

S. Arole
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