XForms: Few questions...

Tomi Yli-Nokari (kymi@sip.fi)
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 15:53:01 +0300

To subscribers of the xforms list from Tomi Yli-Nokari <kymi@sip.fi> :

I'm coding prog to X which uses XForms library. I have few questions
about XForms coding:

1. My prog needs to loop with few routines that reads data from system.
I must also use in XForms that fl_do_forms() function, and it contains
also loop inside. fl_do_forms() exits only when exit button is pressed,
but my prog needs to read that system-data from system really often (or,
it depends, does it read data, or not, but call those reading

2. My prog needs to monitor keyboard while system has XForms' input
routine. I need only to know how to know that tab, arrow up/down is

3. How can I use multiple colours in browser (like printing ANSI on
text-based applications)?

4. How can I disable browser's left-right slide bar? Maybe should ask,
how can I cut lines after last word that fits to browser and enter words
after that to next line (and it should also look when comes last word
that fits, etc etc)...

Tomi Yli-Nokari - beginner with XForms

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