Re: XForms: problem with fl_set_xyplot_xbounds

Derek Coffman (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 10:09:49 -0700 (PDT)

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I sent (and received) the following messages a couple of months ago

>> >set the xbounds correctly. The bounds on the y-axis work just fine (ie.,
>> >I can use 0.01 and 100 as the lower and upper bounds, respectively) but
>> >when I try to set the x-axis bounds, the max value appears to be read in
>> >as the exponent value. So, when I enter 0.01 and 10 as the bounds, the
>> >plot goes from 0.01 to 1e10!
>> There is a typo in the log x-axis scaling code that resulted in
>> the said behavior, i.e., the xmax is used in place of log(xmax).
>> So work-around the bug using (0.01,1) as the bounds.

>Thanks for the reply. I have changed my program so that it takes the
>log10 of my desired upper bound before it sets the xbound. Now I have a
>new, but related problem: the data are truncated at the value specified
>for the exponent (i.e., in the case above 0.01,1 the plot axes are
>plotted correctly, but the curve is truncated at 1). Any ideas?

-Looks like there is no work-around for this
-particular bug. Plotting uses the correct
-bounds, but scaling uses the wrong one.
-I will try to do an update soon.
-Sorry for the trouble, -TC

I'm just checking to see if these problems have been corrected in the
latest release (0.87.3).


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