XForms: no subject (file transmission)

Giorgos Petasis (petasis@estia.iit.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr)
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 07:00:59 +0200 (EET)

To subscribers of the xforms list from petasis@estia.iit.nrcps.ariadne-t.gr (Giorgos Petasis) :

Hi there,
I am not sure whether this is a problem of the forms library or not,
but i have observed that pixmap buttons are not redrawn correctly
sometimes. When a form that contains several pixmap button is overlapped by
another window, and then comes in front,in some of the pixmap buttons, the
pixmap is not redrawn, although the border does appear. Unfortunately, this
seems to happen randomly. Mostly, the buttons are drawn correctly, and i
couldn't find a situation where steadily reproduces this malfunction.
This problem, first appeared in a program that i was writing before summer
(lib version was then 0.86 i think...), but as i have left the pixmap
buttons without pixmaps (i was going to add them later!). When i showed a
form on top of the one containing the pixmap buttons and then hiding it,
some buttons end up with the word "Pixmap" inside them, where others were
left empty. Of course i thought that this was my mistake, of not adding the
actual pixmaps. But a few days ago, i downloaded xfmail, (XFMail 1.1 p0),
and the same problem appeared also there. Unfortunately, i cannot find any
sequence of moves that represent the problem...
This "strange" behavior (in my app, not xfmail) was happening under
Linux 2.0.30 with fvwm2, under AIX 4.2 (fvwm 1.x) and under sun OS 4.1.2
with tvtwm release 5 patch level 7. (The last one runs on a black and white
terminal). Xfmail presented the problem on the tvtwm (sun OS 4.1.2), on a
black-white terminal. I currently cannot test it on the other platforms.
It was compiled with forms 0.87.3...
I know that i am not very helpful, but that is the only information i can
give :).
Does anyone knows whether this is a forms fault or a window manager
specific thing?
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