Re: HTML Browser ? (was XForms: Redrawing free objects)

Steve Lamont (
Tue, 21 Oct 97 06:10:17 PDT

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> Ah - you've written a (subset) HTML browser object. Have you
> released this anywhere or is it for internal use only ? ...

I've been intending to release it for a while. It does still have a
few bugs (act surprised) but they're workaroundable (now *there's* a
new word). The biggest obstacle to release is that it has a few
spl-isms in it that are dependent upon my local development
environment that I will need to iron out (it uses a locally developed
color quantization package, f'rinstance).

I'm off to Viz 97 in Phoenix today (any other XFormers going?) but
I'll take a look at putting it together in a releasable form when I
get back on Monday.

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