XForms: BadFont problem on HP-UX 10.20

Tristan Savatier (tristan@mpegtv.com)
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 00:11:11 -0800

To subscribers of the xforms list from Tristan Savatier <tristan@mpegtv.com> :

A user reported a problem with libforms 0.86 on HP-UX 10.20,
when running mtv (an MPEG Player with an Xforms front-end).

He gets:

X Error of failed request: BadFont (invalid Font parameter)
Major opcode of failed request: 56 (X_ChangeGC)
Resource id in failed request: 0x0

He said the problem did not occur with HP-UX 9.07,
and I have no problem with my HP-UX 9.05.

Is that a known problem ? Will it be fixed with 0.87 ?

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