XForms: Shortcuts for forms

Richard Kent (rk@quadstone.com)
Tue, 04 Nov 1997 09:34:36 +0000

To subscribers of the xforms list from Richard Kent <rk@quadstone.com> :


I asked this before but no-one seemed to have an answer - so I'll try one last

Is it possible to attach a keyboard shortcut to a FORM (rather than a specific
object) such that pressing that particular key combination anywhere within the
form will activate the specified callback. At the moment I do this by attaching
a keyboard shortcut to a button which I then hide under something else. This is
definitely a bit of a hack (and messes up my fdesign files). There ought to be a
mechanism for setting keyboard shortcuts for forms as well as objects. Anyone
know if this is already in place - if not, then how about it TC !!


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