XForms: list of differences between V.81, V.86, V.87 anywhere?

Lawrence Mark Lifshitz (lml@vision.ummed.edu)
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 11:08:25 -0500

To subscribers of the xforms list from lml@vision.ummed.edu (Lawrence Mark Lifshitz) :

Hi. I'm currently running a large application which uses V.81 of
xforms. I'm trying to determine when/if to convert to the latest
version (which is usually a good thing to do). I was wondering
if anyone has a list of the change in features between the various
versions (bug fixes, additional functionality, incompatibilities,etc).
I poked around the xforms home page but was unable to spot anything.
Thanks. (I'm on an SGI running 5.3 or 6.x).
Can you please email me directly as I don't read this mail list
thanks again.

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