Re: XForms: separate colormap for canvas - problems

Steve Lamont (
Sun, 23 Nov 97 11:31:36 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> Here is the code for the relevant event handlers. They are installed on the
> canvas which has the private colormap. The program DID work, both on a
> single colormap linux box and a multiple colormap SGI. The QuitButton
> business is a kludge to get at the top-level window.

It works as you described in the elided! Great detective work! My
hat is off to you for finding that one.

It's interesting to note that OpenGL/Mesa Canvases seem to do the Right
Thing without the hackery. I guess there's some colormap fiddling
code in there that makes things work properly.

I still don't think it's an XForms bug, per se, but a tvtwm bug. I'm
running R5 tvtwm patchlevel 10. Perhaps it's been fixed since then.
I've looked around for an R6 version but haven't seen one. If anyone
knows of a later one, please point me at it.

BTW, I found that I didn't need the Leave even handler. The window
mangler seems to uninstall the Colormap correctly.


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