Re: XForms: fl_color

Steve Lamont (
Sun, 30 Nov 97 12:14:10 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> > > Linux 2.0.29 Xfree 3.3 Xforms .88. fl_color abends in XSetForeground ().
> > ^^^^^^
> > Worked on a lot of IBM MVS or VM/CMS gear in the past, have we? :-)
> >
> (Smart alec - yes, actually - both - for ten years before breaking
> free!!!)

Welcome to the club. :-) Started with CP/CMS and dabbled in DOS (the
*Real* DOS on real Big Iron, not Billy G's sad excuse for a program
loader) before moving on to VM/CMS, MVS, etc., etc.

> > I haven't seen the problem on either the Sun or SGI versions. What
> > exactly is the error?
> >
> I firgured out that it was because the form wasn't yet displayed -
> probably my error, though there was no indication of this restriction in
> the doc.

Yes, the manual is somewhat unhelpful in some of these instances.
Basically, if you need to have a Window XID, you should use
fl_prepare_form_window() to create but not map the form. Refer to the
manual for details.

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