Re: XForms: browser horizonal scrolling

Scott (
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 13:49:39 -0600 (CST)

To subscribers of the xforms list from Scott <> :

On 06-Dec-97 Steve Lamont wrote:
> To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :
>> I am displaying some data in a browser. Sometimes the data
>> line is long and causes the horizontal scroll bar. Is there an
>> attribute I can set to cause it to print to the next line after so
>> many characters? I couldn't find one mentioned in the manual.
>> Maybe I'll have to write my own? Thanks.
> Yes, you will.

OK, I'll see what I come up with and post it here if anyone is interested whe
n I finish.

>> One other thing, I wrote (got from
>> Readme file in .88 release) regarding licensing about a week ago or
>> so. I have not gotten a response. Anyone here know what's up?
> The last email I had from TC was a couple of weeks ago. He said he
> was off to handle some personal matters and that he would be off the
> net for a few weeks.
> spl
That would certainly explain it :) (im going on vacation in two weeks myself)

Thanks for the info Steve

Happy holidays,
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