Re: XForms: Browser line limit

T.C. Zhao (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 22:42:32 -0600

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On Dec 8, 6:58am, Mehalick RE (Richard) at MSXSSC wrote:

> I have a xforms application that uses a browser to display data with an
> unknown length per row. The other day, a bug was reported that the
> browser was chopping off part of the data. After looking into it, the
> limit of 1024 as defined in the xforms.h file was reached. I can't find
> a function to change the limit and I can't recompile xforms (no source)
> so does anyone know of any function or options?

You can not change the limit, but you can read the lines yourself
then add it to the browser. The limit only applies to
file loading (fl_load_browser) not browser itself. I will
try to enlarge the limit.

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