Re: XForms: Installing xforms.

Steve Lamont (
Wed, 24 Dec 97 12:59:55 PST

To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I've installed xforms 0.88 (make install).
> But when I try make demo...
> gandalf:/usr/local/xforms# make demo
> make[1]: Entering directory `/zip/xform/xforms/DEMOS'
> gcc -c -O -I../FORMS -Ifd freedraw.c
> gcc -O -s freedraw.o -o freedraw -L../FORMS -lforms -lXpm -lX11 -lm
> freedraw.o: In function `main':
> freedraw.o(.text+0x15): undefined reference to `fl_initialize'
> freedraw.o(.text+0x37): undefined reference to `fl_set_object_color'
> [...]
> gandalf:/temp/news-peruser-2.38-binaries# peruser
> peruser: '/usr/lib/' is not an ELF file
> peruser: can't load library ''

Looks to me as if you have the wrong version of the library. What
operating system are you running? If it is Linux, there are several
different flavors of binary and library format. Make sure that you
have the one that's mated to your version of Linux.

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