Re: XForms: aligning positioner to xyplot

T.C. Zhao (
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 21:26:32 -0600

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On Dec 24, 3:52pm, GERALD POLLACK wrote:
> To subscribers of the xforms list from "GERALD POLLACK"
> getting the bounds of the plotted data, using fl_get_xyplot_xbounds
> and fl_get_xyplot_ybounds;
> converting these bounds to screen coords with fl_xyplot_w2s;
> using the screen coords to set up the positioner's geometry with
> fl_set_object_geometry;
> But, the positioner ended up too small; the cursor cannot be placed
> over the extreme left, right, top or bottom portions of the plot.

I haven't tried, but I think if you set positioner_obj->bw = 0,
the alignment should be better. I think the library should do
this automatically.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone.


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