Re: XForms: New User
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 17:22:34 +0000

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for helping me. I can get the demos to compile and work, but
not other apps. For example XFCE & xdate101 and a couple of other
contributions on the xform website.

1. I ungzipped the file into /usr/xforms/FORMS etc.

2. In etc/profile I added :/usr/xforms/FORMS to LD_LIBRARY_PATH and
PATH = $PATH: /usr/xforms/DEMOS

3. I put the xform apps in /opt/, and each their own directory

The error message on these apps is: ld: cannot open -lforms: No such files or directory
make: ***[XFCE] Error 1

> If you're doing a make in the DEMOS directory, the Makefile should
> point to ../FORMS. Did you alter the Makefiles in any way?

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