Re: XForms: command line options

Steve Lamont (
Tue, 3 Feb 98 15:22:37 PST

# To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> What are the command line options that XForms accepts? The manual lists a
> bunch (-debug, -name, -sync, etc) but there seem to be some secret ones.


> I've been handling command line options in the recommended way, using
> fl_initialize() followed by fl_get_app_resources(). All the XForms options
> are processed before my own options, so it's important not to use options
> that XForms is using. I'd like to use -x and -f, but both of these are
> (apparently) undocumented secret XForms options. What's worse is that in
> version 0.81 I could use -f, but now that I've just switched to 0.88, I
> can't. That means that I have to tell my users to stop using -f and to start
> using something else.

`-x' is a minimal abbreviation for `-xfversion', which is a synonym
for `-flversion', which can be abbreviated with, you guessed it,
`-f'. That's why your `-x' and `-f' fail.

-bs controls backing store (see a recent posting of mine for

I think all the rest of them are documented.

As far as turning them off, hmmm... dunno. I'd have to play with it a
little bit.

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