Re: XForms: command line options, and double clicks

Stephen Langer (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 09:42:00 -0500

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> # To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve
Lamont) :
> > What are the command line options that XForms accepts? The manual lists

> `-x' is a minimal abbreviation for `-xfversion', which is a synonym
> for `-flversion', which can be abbreviated with, you guessed it,
> `-f'. That's why your `-x' and `-f' fail.

Thanks. I didn't understand that the options listed in the manual
could be abbreviated. Is that mentioned anywhere? It still doesn't
explain why my -f option works with v0.81 but doesn't with v0.88.

> -bs controls backing store [...]
> I think all the rest of them are documented.

Except -standard. Is it the same as -stdcmap?

> As far as turning them off, hmmm... dunno. I'd have to play with it a
> little bit.

Since minimal abbreviations are accepted, wouldn't it be best if the
application's list of options were merged with the built-in list before the
options are processed? Instead of calling fl_initialize() followed by
fl_get_app_resources(), you'd call fl_install_app_resources() followed by
fl_initialize(). Then the application could override the built-in options (at
its peril, of course) and the definition of "minimal abbreviation" would take
into account the full set of options for the application. Presumably the
reason that the builtin options all have long names is so that they are less
likely to conflict with the application's options. Accepting abbreviations
for builtin options before even looking at the application options defeats
this purpose.

-- Steve

PS on double clicks in browsers: The sample code I posted a few days ago
had a couple spurious #include "dblclick.h" lines. They can simply be
I forgot to remove them when I bundled the program into one file for mailing.

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