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T.C. Zhao (
Wed, 4 Feb 1998 22:43:48 -0600

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# To subscribers of the xforms list from (Michal Szymanski) :

>I would like to propose (for future versions of XForms) that an INPUT
>object has distinct font definition for the label and for the input
>text. Similar possibility exists now for e.g. browsers, but AFAIK
>INPUT objects have always same font style/size for both label and
>text. This is not a nice feature, I often use e.g. bold labels of bigger
>size than I need for input text. Now the only way is to make empty label
>and add a TEXT (or similar) object acting like a label, but this is
>really bad way to do it (hard to align, move, resize etc.)

I have mixed feelings about this. I think what you're saying
is quite true, it is kind of cumbersome to resize/move the input
field when it also has an associated label. On the other hand,
I have so many bug reports about the browser ("I changed
the font, but it does not work"), just thinking about
the "bug reports" about the input field scares me. Maybe
the correct solution is to add someting like
fl_set_object_font(ob, style, size) and integrate
it into fdesign so it is easily accesible there (less false bug reports).

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