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Rob (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 09:25:44 +0800

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Steve Lamont wrote:

> Hmmm... does it happen in test mode of `fdesign' as well as in your
> application? Approximately how many objects are in the form? (I have
> forms with dozens of objects with no problem of this sort.)

I've managed to make it work but it's a hack. In the .fd file the last
two objects for the form are free objects which occupy the same space as
each other but are in a different area of the form to the button. If I
edit the .fd file and move the button declaration to *before* the
declarations for the two free objects, then it gets drawn.

I'm not doing anything special to the free objects prior to fl_show_form
except for calling fl_hide_object on one of them.

Does this help any?


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