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On Wed, 11 Feb 1998, Steve Lamont wrote:

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: > If my application has multiple forms how do I raise one from an
: > iconified state.
: I believe you have to resort to a raw Xlib call: XMapWindow(). My
: recollection is that this has been discussed before on the list. You
: might try digging in the list archives (see below for URL).
: > What in addition to fl_raise_form() do I need to call to put the
: > focus on a form if my window manager uses ClickToFocus instead of
: > FocusFollowsMouse?
: Try fl_winfocus(). Refer to the manual for usage.

Thanks both for the answer and for your patience. I had no clue where to
look in the manual for this but a quick perusal of the index under
fl_winfocus() and then the form structure showed me what I need:


does it for me.


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