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Anthony E Cooper (anthony.cooper@virgin.net)
Sun, 29 Mar 1998 12:59:45 +0100

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I have just recently upgraded one of my property windows on an
application I am writing to use tabbed folders. At the bottom of the
window is a FL_RETURN_BUTTON type button. Whereas before, pressing
return in a text field on this window would cause the property window to
disappear, now the entire application exits. The callback for this
button simply hides the properties window. The button behaves normally
if left clicked with the mouse, also there is no problem if I use a
FL_NORMAL_BUTTON type button (which is what I am doing now). In addition
if the button's callback routine doesn't hide the properties window then
the application behaves as expected. fl_hide_form seems to be triggering

All worked ok before the introduction of the tabbed folder, and no
other changes have been made.

Please note: some widgets don't have callbacks, so I have registered a
form callback for ALL forms within the application by using
fl_set_form_callback (including the forms that appear in the tabbed
folder). This form callback does absolutely nothing but does prevent
premature exit due to unhandled callback events.

I am using forms version 0.88 under Slackware Linux (kernel ver

Just thought you would like to know of the problem, also is there a
simple workaround (I could propbably fix it with some event handler
interposer consuming events but using a different button type is
probably lesser of the two evils)?

On another point, I have just had a look at GTK. Its a nice toolkit
(probably comparable to XForms in terms of its widget set), but XForms
wins hands down with its documentation (both printed and HTML), the GUI
builder and ease of use. You've done a good job, and I have used quite a
few GUI toolkits in my time.

Many thanks in advance,


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