Re: XForms: More control of tabbed folders

Steve Lamont (
Wed, 8 Apr 98 09:23:49 PDT

# To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> First, I need some sort of notification (like a callback)
> when folders are switched, *before* the current folder
> disappears. I have GL canvases on some folders, and I
> need to clean up and save some state before the GL context
> disappears.

You can set a cleanup callback with the fl_modify_canvas_prop()
function. The cleanup callback is called before the Canvas Window is

> The current folder callback mechanism seems to be called either
> just before or just after the new folder is shown - which is
> it? ...


> ... Also, the callback doesn't seem to be called if I do a
> fl_set_folder(). It seems that the callback is attached to
> clicking a (not currently active) folder tab, not to the function
> of actually showing a folder - is this correct?

This behavior is consistent with that of fl_set_button() and most
other "set" functions. If you want to trigger the callback you need
to call the function fl_call_object_callback().

> I really don't understand the distinction between fl_get_folder()
> and fl_get_active_folder().

fl_get_folder() returns the *last* active folder, not the current
one. fl_get_active_folder() does that.

> I find that the "feature" of objects without callbacks not causing
> fl_do_forms() to return to be a big nuisance and causes extra
> programming work. What's the rationale for this behavior?

Dunno. TC?

> Finally, if I wanted to implement functionallity similar to tabbed
> folders (i.e. get all of the objects in one form and add them to
> another), how would I go about doing that?

The folder mechanism basically creates a form and reparents it to a
canvas. I've been thinking of creating some sort of "scrolled"
composite object but haven't gotten terribly far with it other than
some "sketch" code.

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