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.: Subject: XForms: c++, io_callback and idle_callback
.: # To subscribers of the xforms list from Matthew Flax <flatmax@cse.unsw.EDU.AU> :
.: I am using xforms in "C++" mode !
.: If I register either an io_callback or an idle_callback, I can not use
.: class member functions.
.: In other words I have to use global callback functions.
.: Does anyone know why ?
.: Could it be due to name mangling ?


this is normal because C++ member functions are passed
an implicit pointer (the 'this' pointer). XForms is a C library
and does not pass this pointer to callback functions. However, you
can register a static member function as a callback. Static member
functions are like global functions except that their name is
in the scope of the class. (e.g. MyClass::StaticMemberFunction)
My favorite option is to store the this pointer into the
u_vdata field of XForms objects. Then in the static callback, you
can retrieve the 'this' pointer.

Hope this helps.


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