Re: XForms: Is there a limit to the size of a pixmap?

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Thu, 28 May 1998 19:18:41 -0400 (EDT)

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: > Is there a limit to the size of a pixmap that one can use.
: What happens? Any error messages?

No error messages, just when I use fl_get_pixmap_data on the splash screen
(380k pixmap) I get wierd core dumps from my application. When I use
fl_get_pixmap_file there isn't a problem. I figure that there are
four sources for this:

My code
Forms lib code
Pixmap lib code

Today's problem occured after I modified the form to disallow interaction
so when this happened I wasn't playing with any pointers except the ones
generated by create_form_yada_yada. I cannot figure it out but I'm
comfortable with things working the way they are. Although I grumble
about having to put in code to find the splash screen.


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