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Wed, 10 Jun 1998 13:05:30 -0400

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>> Using version 86, a multi-line input object will not focus when using the
>> mouse. ...
>You may wish to consider updating to 0.88.1. 0.86 is pretty old.
I agree and would love to update but unfortunately I have another problem
that I am experiencing when I use 0.88.1. The problem that will not allow
me to upgrade has to do with receiving the FL_RELEASE event in a canvas. I
posted this problem sometime ago but have not gotten any feedback and my
attempts to solve the problem myself have be futile. In short, the
FL_RELEASE event is not sent for a long time after it should. It's like it
is getting buffered. I print out the events so when the FL_RELEASE is
finally sent I get all the ones I should but all at once. When I get the
FL_RELEASE is random. Sometimes its after two times then others its like
10. Specifically, I am drawing a zoom box on the canvas. The FL_RELEASE
should be sent to my handler after I release the mouse button. I do not
have any problems with the FL_RELEASE in version 0.86.
Any suggestions.

> spl
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