XForms: forwarded message from Ivan Powis

Hugo ter Doest (terdoest@cs.utwente.nl)
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 17:30:48 +0200

# To subscribers of the xforms list from Hugo ter Doest <terdoest@cs.utwente.nl> :

below is what Ivan suggested. I tried it and it works fine.
If I disable structs in fdesigner, the menu's are built using


instead of defining them as structs. After that fl_set_menu_item_mode
does what I expect it to do. So, the problem seems to be with menu's
that are defined using structs.

During office hours Solaris 2.5, at night Linux.

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I'm replying directly to your comment about PL_PUP_GRAY because our
mail administrators have taken to 'doctoring' the From: fields on
outgoing messages. The result is that I apparently no longer have the
same address as previously (although both old and new forms work) -
consequently it appears that the xforms mail list server won't accept
messages from me but will send them! Until I get it sorted out ...

My experience with 88.1 is that when menus are initialised using
a structure (by fl_set_menu_entries()) it is not possible to
programmatically interact with them (eg setting attributes as you
describe). I reported this problem with an earlier version of the
library, but it appears not to be fixed.

The problem is worse for users of fdesigner who use that tool to
initialise the menu. It appears that the current version does not
remember the status of the 'use structs' toggle on the Spec form.
So if you specify the menu items via fdesigner, with structs disabled,
the next time you edit the form with fdesigner it will output
the code with structs re-enabled .. and your problems return!

My (obvious) solution is to initialise the menu with fl_addto_menu()
in my own code and not use fdesigner to initialise at all.

I hope this helps. I also think its an inportant point - perhaps
you could post it to the xforms list for me so that others can see


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