Re: XForms: Using omnithreads with xforms

Steve Lamont (
Sun, 28 Jun 98 19:05:32 PDT

# To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

> I can get all the object files to link OK using:
> cxx -g -L/homes/dpr21/omniORB/lib -call_shared -lomnithread -lpthreads
> -lmach -lc_r -L/homes/dpr21/xforms/FORMS -lX11 -lm -lforms -o EG general.o
> time_classes.o events.o forms_gen.o callbacks.o vectors.o main.o
> but when it runs it produces:
> 18268:./EG: /sbin/loader: Error: unresolvable symbol in
> /homes/dpr21/xforms/FORMS// glXQueryExtension

This is a somewhat outdated version of the library. I'm not sure if a
compatible version of 0.88.1 is available for your system but you
might want to upgrad to see if that improves matters.

Are you calling any of the functions in gl.c? If so, then you'll need
to add the OpenGL libraries to your link line. If not, then it may be
that the loader is still trying to resolve these functions even though
your code doesn't call them -- shared libraries are the spawn of

At the absolute worst, a workaround might be to replicate the
functions in gl.c in your code as dummies.

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