XForms: FTP site -- no access

From: Sexton, Veronica (sextonv@SILL.ARMY.MIL)
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 14:26:15 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from "Sexton, Veronica" <sextonv@SILL.ARMY.MIL> :

    I have trouble accessing the ftp site. Apparently, due to being behind a
    firewall or proxy, (whatever the Army is using this week), the site says it
    cannot map my IP address back to a valid IP address. I think it has also
    precipitated a monitor check of my system by the network administrators. Is
    there something that can be done about this? Or let me know if it something
    being done at my end, like some sort of filtering. There has been a rash of
    that here, lately. I tried using both a browser and by the ftp command in a
    DOS term window.

            Yes indeed. Thanks.
            The new ftp server: ftp://ncmir.ucsd.edu/pub/xforms
            All links on xforms home page are updated to reflect this change.

            The new site has been populated with everything that was on the
            server before it went down (by mirroring the German mirror site).
            In the next a couple of weeks, v0.89 will be updated and made
            available for more platforms. Thanks for your patience, and
            of course, thanks to Steve for hosting xforms, among
            tons of other things.

    NOTE: New email address!! sextonv@sill.army.mil

    Veronica S*e*x*t*o*n
    Depth & Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
    Contractor for Cameron University
    Fort Sill, Oklahoma
    (The stars are for those of you who filter on the first 3!)

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