XForms: XForms 0.89, Mesa 3.0, Multiple GL Canvases?

From: Matthew J. Sheats (sheats@aic-net.org)
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 19:12:31 EST

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            I've been trying to get multiple GL canvases to display on one form for
    some time now. I've read alot of past postings about people having
    similar difficulties. I've tried out all of their suggestions, as well
    as some from fellow grad students, but have had no luck.

            The trick is, all the postings, and all the people here are using SGI's
    in one form or another. I'm on a Linux PC (Mandrake 6.1), with Mesa 3.0
    and XForm 0.89.

            I cannot make a simple program work with multiple canvases. Either
    only one canvas displays (usually the last one drawn to), or neither of
    them does.

            I'm doing something along the lines of:

            glXMakeCurrent( fl_get_display(), fl_get_canvas_id( canvas1
    fl_get_glcanvas_context( canvas1 ) );

            < .. GL CODE HERE .. >

            glXSwapBuffers ( fl_get_display(), glXGetCurrentDrawable ( ) );

            I use something similar in each Expose callback.. and both callbacks
    are called, but only the second one produces a picture. Is this
    something I"m doing or a problem with Mesa perhaps? Or maybe glX? I'm
    out of ideas.


            Matthew Sheats
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