Re: XForms: XForms 0.89, Mesa 3.0, Multiple GL Canvases?

From: Matthew J. Sheats (
Date: Sun Jan 30 2000 - 22:50:29 EST

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    Steve Lamont wrote:

    > Dunno. Mesa is a pretty close approximation of OpenGL and if things
    > are as you say, it should work. I have applications which I used to
    > run under Mesa with multiple windows and multiple `GLXContext's and
    > they worked just fine.

            Well, this turned out to be a technical difficulty. I discovered that
    the same code worked great on my home machine. This confused me as I
    thought I was running exactly the same configurations on both machines.

            Turns out that the Mesa rpm, labeled as being 3.1 on the "bad" machine,
    was in fact a Mesa 3.0.99 distribution.. whereas my installation at home
    was a real 3.1. So in this case, the one hundredth of a revision made
    the difference.

            I upgraded this machine to a solid 3.1 Mesa distribution and XForms
    0.89 and all is fine.

            Thanks for the quick reply though,

            Matt Sheats
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