XForms: fl_initialize problem

From: Uri Meth (umeth@columbia.sparta.com)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 08:56:29 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Uri Meth <umeth@columbia.sparta.com> :

    I have the following line in my code to initialize the library:

    fl_initialize(&argc, argv, 0, 0, 0);

    This line works fine on both Linux_Intel and Solaris_Sparc.

    I recently built multiple Linux_Sparc systems using RH6.1 for Sparc, am
    using gccv2.95.1 compiler, retrieved your appropriate library from

    If I use the above line to initialize the gui, I core and here is my

    Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.
    0x910b018c in ?? ()
    (gdb) where
    #0 0x910b018c in ?? ()
    #1 0x5029a240 in vfprintf () at vfprintf.c:1564
    #2 0x502a2acc in fprintf () at fprintf.c:36
    #3 0x5009e99c in P_errmsg () from /usr/lib/libforms.so.0.88
    #4 0x500537e4 in fl_init_colormap () from /usr/lib/libforms.so.0.88
    #5 0x5005b4a0 in fl_initialize () from /usr/lib/libforms.so.0.88
    #6 0x12804 in main (argc=2, argv=0xefffe934) at ../Gui/gui_main.c:47

    I modified the code (to confrom to the api definition) to:

      XrmOptionDescList optDescList = (XrmOptionDescList) NULL;

      // Initialize the GUI, first thing, before doing anything else.
      fl_initialize(&argc, argv, "SomeString", (XrmOptionDescList) optDescList, 0);

    This also cores, with the same trace as above.

    In previous attempts I also used the xforms library downloaded from
    rpmfind.net with core results, but do not have a trace.

    Any ideas?


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