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Date: Fri Mar 03 2000 - 09:50:56 EST

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    > 1 - I would like to display an fl_image in a pixmap, What 's the best
    > way to do this ?

    I assume you mean a Pixmap object. Use fl_create_from_pixmapdata() to
    convert the FL_IMAGE data into a Pixmap and then feed that Pixmap to
    the object with fl_set_pixmap_pixmap().

    > 2 - I would like to create an fl_image from a pixmap...

    This is somewhat ambiguous, since there are several things called a
    Pixmap in the XForms world -- first there's the XForms Pixmap object
    (aka Pixmap Class). Then there's an X Pixmap, which is an object
    which lives on the X server and is displayed and manipulated by the
    server. Finally, there's a data format called XPM, which stands for
    (you guessed it) X Pixmap. Oy vey!

    Let's take this step by step, if we can.

    To fetch the X Pixmap from the XForms Pixmap object, use the function
    fl_get_pixmap_pixmap(). That hands you the ID of the X Pixmap that is
    on the server which is attached to the XForms Pixmap object.

    To fetch the image information from that X Pixmap, we need to resort
    to some raw Xlib, but not much. Use the function XGetImage() to pull
    the image data back from the X server. The Drawable argument will be
    your X Pixmap returned by fl_get_pixmap_pixmap(). XGetImage() returns
    you an XImage structure.

    Now, to convert that to an XPM Pixmap, take the XImage data handed to
    you by XGetImage(), stuff it into an FL_IMAGE structure, and feed that
    to flimage_dump().

    The details of handling colormap information, if it exists, are left
    to the user as an exercise, since there are far too many different
    variations to go into here. The first volume of the O'Reilly X
    series, _Xlib Programming Manual_, is a good place to start.

    As always, refer to the XForms manual for parameters of the XForms
    function calls and their use.

    > 3 - How can i display an animated gif (i tried with fl_image_display &&
    > fl_image_sdisplay whithout success ...)

    I'm not sure that's supported. TC?

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