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Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 14:49:34 EST

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    > Hm. As I said, the demo works okay for me -- both with the client
    > local to the server and over a network connection.
    > There is going to be a certain amount of delay as the expose events
    > are serviced -- perhaps a considerable amount, depending upon what
    > kind of graphics are being pushed at the Canvases.

    Well it takes a few seconds to react, So you can see what I mean.

    > What are you drawing in the Canvases?

    Not a thing!

    Images or some form of vector
    > graphics? It may be that you are pushing too many pixels at the server
    > per each Expose event handled or are doing too much in your service
    > routines.
    > If the graphics do not change all that often in the Canvases you might
    > want to write your images to Pixmaps (X Pixmaps, not XForms Pixmap
    > objects or XPM Pixmaps) and then use XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap() to
    > write them to the Canvas Window. Then the images will live on the
    > server side of the connection and be redraw automagically whenever an
    > Expose event is generated, saving your application the trouble.
    > Refer to your favorite X reference for details on the use of

    > XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap().

    I am not doing anything this complicated.

    I've included the source as an attachement. It is only slightly
    different form the original canvas.c

    I'd appreciate it if you can take a look at it .

    Zaphod B.

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