XForms: Complex browser

From: Marcin Kwiatkowski (falcon@linux.bielsko.pl)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 06:23:10 EST

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    I need Your help! I have to build an object containing two synchronized
    browsers. I.e. One browser (without vscrollbar) for "From:" field and
    the other (with vscrollbar) for "Subject" field in MUA. Of course both
    FL_HOLD_BROWSER. I've tried to do it through callbacks - using
    fl_get_browser_topline()/fl_set_browser_topline() and
    fl_get_browser_line()/fl_select_browser_line() but failed - browsers was
    sync. only when user selected line in one of browsers....
    How can I do it in simpliest way?

    Marcin Kwiatkowski

    Marcin Kwiatkowski, Beskidy Linux Users Group - blug@linux.bielsko.pl
    Registered Linux user #135251. Cntct. tel. +48 604 826 061
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