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From: Joel Lefebvre (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 13:52:51 EST

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    Steve Lamont wrote:
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    > > I'm seeing a strange problem when trying to add text to a form.
    > > First I tried to add a text object. I changed the text and font size in
    > > the attributes window. When I hit accept, I get logged out of my
    > > machine. I get the same behavior when trying to use a box object. Any
    > > ideas on what might be going on?? This is with version .88 on HPUX
    > > 10.20.
    > It sounds like a server bug to me. Serves you right for using
    > HPUX. :-) :-) :-)
    > Seriously, is this in `fdesign' or in an application? What window
    > manager are you running? What version of X? Have you tried a more
    > recent version of XForms?

    The problem occures from within fdesign. I think I may have
    found the problem though. When I setup a text object, I set
    the label to what I wanted, but didn't give it a name. Once I
    started giving it a name the problem went away. Still curious
    as to what was going on that made the system log me out. The
    system is HP's CDE and X11R6. As far as Xforms, I think .88 is
    still the latest available for HPUX. I've been checking now
    and then for 0.89.



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