XForms: Interaction with images

From: zaatriform@themail.com
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 07:02:56 EDT

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    I am starting to load and display images. Now, I have two problems.
    1)- I have developed, with a previous version of xforms that does not support images, some applications using interaction with freehandler defined as:

    int freeobject_handler(FL_OBJECT *ob, int event, int mx, int my, int key, void *xev)
         switch (event)
              { case FL_PUSH:

                 printf("mx=%d my=%d\n",mx,my);
            return 0;

    This application enables me to read the coordinates of a pixel after a mouse click.

    Now that I have used images with canvas, it did not work. I did not find out yet a way to read coordinates of a selected point inside a canvas.

    2)- So I have tried to solve the problem by using a frame instead of the canvas. In effect, the freeobject_handler works, but now i have a problem with the display window. It always displays the image a t the top left of the form I use. I try display two pictures at two diffeerents positions but they come at the same place. I did not have such a problem with the canvases.

        Thanks for any help.

    A. Zaatri

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