Re: XForms: xform,lyx, slackware

From: robin (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 17:38:21 EDT

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    "Sexton, Veronica Ms" wrote:
    > You need to have that directory in one of your paths. I usually add the path
    > to a file in the /etc directory, (ack! I can't remember the name correctly,
    > but it starts with ld). Then I run ldconfig. This adds all directories from
    > the file in the /etc directory to be looked for when linking.
    > Look up ldconfig in the man pages to see how to use it correctly.
    > Another choice is to put the path in your PATH environment variable, but
    > this doesn't always work well.
    > Veronica
    Thanks Veronica for your advice, lyx works fine now.
    I am much obliged to you.

    Gerard Robin.

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