Re: XForms: more on formbrowser and image form

From: Steve Lamont (
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 09:22:28 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from (Steve Lamont) :

    > I did it a few weeks ago. I had some problems with color quantization
    > while converting flimage type to pixmap type.
    > I'm using a trick to make it easier. I first display the image in a
    > window and then, i use XCopyArea to grab the displayed image.
    > But it doesn't work with image bigger than the window canvas. ...

    I tried the same thing last night as a potential hack and had the same
    result -- the area outside the visible window is bogus.

    I think what we need to add to the flimage stuff is a
    flimage_display_to_pixmap(). It shouldn't be too hard to implement.
    I'll take a hack at it sometime in the next couple of days if major
    crises don't intervene (ha! dream on, dreamer!).


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