XForms: pixmaps and screens

From: jprinos@dehavilland.ca
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 18:14:34 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from jprinos@dehavilland.ca :

    This question falls into the category of general X programming.

    Just for kicks, I decided to dump my flimage to an an X Pixmap file and try and
    read it in using XpmReadFileToPixmap. I'd then do a XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap
    to a canvas and put the canvas behind a browser form.

    It went BOOM at the XpmReadFileToPixmap:

         status = XpmReadFileToPixmap(FL_FormDisplay(theinimage),

    The second argument to this Xpm function is a Drawable. In alot of the examples
    I see from the Xpm turorial,
    I see this in its place:

                   XRootWindowOfScreen(XtScreen(w)) where w is a widget. (Please, no
    laughing) I used FL_ObjWin(canvas).

    1 What's the XForms equivalent for this second argument?
    2 Xpm question: Do I need to do a XCreatePixmap before I XpmReadFileToPixmap.
    The examples I see say no.
    3 Can I expect the 'flimage to pixmap' functions to be public relatively soon?
    4 Does anyone else find X programming a bit difficult to grasp for the first 2
    years? ;-)

     Have to hand it to you T.C. XForms does make life a hell of alot easier.

    head hurting...

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