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Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 10:49:53 EDT

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    >> I would be very grateful if one could explain me how to make
    >> make an easy "double slider" - ie : a slider with two independant control
    >> buttons.

    >I'm not sure of what use this would be. Why not just use two sliders?

    Consider the Gimp or Photoshop's 'triple' sliders on their 'levels' dialog.
    There are 3 sliders on the same bar to represent dark, mid and light tones
    placement wrt a histogram.

    I was wondering how I could do this in XForms without employing 3 seperate

    >> Does any of the XFORMS developper know if the toolkit is to be
    >> open source soon :) ?

    >Dunno. TC?


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